Weeping and Waiting

Our mouths they were filled, filled with laughter
Our tongues they were loosed, loosed with joy
Restore us, O Lord
Restore us, O Lord

Although we are weeping
Lord, help us keep sowing
The seeds of Your Kingdom
For the day You will reap them
Your sheaves we will carry
Lord, please do not tarry
All those who sow weeping will go out with songs of joy

The nations will say, “He has done great things!”
The nations will sing songs of joy
Restore us, O Lord
Restore us, O Lord

I had never heard this song before doing full-time ministry overseas. I’ve now heard it several times and on every occasion it’s accompanied by tears. I understand why it hasn’t caught on in America. It hasn’t got a catchy melody or clever lyrics. But the words of Psalm 126 speak deeply to those who have given their life to share the gospel in foreign countries.

The men and women who weep as they sing this song have given their life to working a country that is not their home.

They work within a language that is not their own.

They are burdened for people who have been blinded to the light of the gospel and live in oppressive darkness.

They talk about Jesus to the same families over and over and over again.

They travel to the same villages again and again praying that God would open ears, eyes, and hearts…and year after year there is little to no response.

They feel lonely.

They feel defeated.

They are burdened with the weighty seeds of the gospel, but they know that they are not the ones who can bring the harvest.

They have to wait.

They cling to the promises of God knowing that one day he will bring some of these people into his kingdom.

They look forward to this time of joy when all of their toil will amount to something. When they will sing songs of joy to God with all the other nations.

Pray and weep with these men and women that God might set the captives free.

Download here: “Psalm 126” (feat. Molly Parden) – by Bifrost Arts