Daily Devotion: Isaiah 5:16

The Lord of Armies is exalted by his justice, and the holy God shows he is holy through his righteousness.

I was blown away by this verse today. What exalts or causes worship of YHWH is his justice. God is just because he is objective. He is outside of the failures of man and can look at our actions and speak to them. Though so many speak against God because of the presence of evil in the world, God promises that he will bring justice, and he will receive worship from it.

God will show his holiness and purity through his righteousness. This righteousness may be the correct and intentional actions he wills through history, or this may be the righteous judgment that he brings on the wicked.

This is a humbling and comforting word for me. It is humbling because the otherness of God makes me feel so small which in turn makes me feel even more undeserving of the grace he shows me. But I am also comforted because I don’t have to win everyone over to the worship of God. He will do this on his own. while I must continue to fight for justice, I do not have to fix all the problems of the world. The Lord will be worshipped because of his ultimate, final justice.