Daily Devotion: Isaiah 8

Human nature demands that we address what’s right in front of us. We live for the here and now. Even if we are future minded in our planning, it is only for a sense of control over present circumstances. We are temporal beings, existing in time. And we are sensing beings, only able to understand what we can see and touch in the moment. This is why it is so difficult to trust God’s timing in our life. Working by his clock is difficult. But God exists apart from time. His planning is perfect, and he is not swayed by current events.

In Isaiah 8 the nation is worried about the strength of their enemies, so they start making worldly alliances. The Lord would have them trust in the slow and steady pace of his care…

…these people have rejected the slowly flowing waters of Shiloah… (8:6)

They are worried about the future, and they feel like the Lord is not listening, so they consult mediums and spirits of the dead. But Isaiah points to the testimony of his life and children as signs of God speaking to the people (8:18). Then in 8:20 he has this great call to where the answers to their questions can be found…

To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, there will be no dawn (hope/enlightenment) for them. (8:20)

We need to be slow to approach other people to strengthen us when we are doubting. Let’s first go to God as our refuge.

We need to seek the Word of God before we look for clever advice from others.