Near to Far

This site exists simply to share things that I am working on or mentally processing in my walk with God. The topics I discuss the most center around…

Biblical Theology

I get so much joy digging into scripture and seeing the unified story that God has been writing all through history. The more we study scripture to uncover the character of God and the principles he calls us to live by, the more protected we will be from assimilating with culture or fighting amongst ourselves.

Biblical Counseling

Teaching and ministering to a small team of determined believers for years has shown me that everyone has problems and God has answers. With so many ideas and advice floating around these days, shepherding believers hearts with biblical truth is vital. A caring believer with the Word of God in hand can bring truth to marriage issues, parenting, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.

Intersections of Church and Culture

Fostering/adopting, community outreach, racial reconciliation, politics. Church and culture intersect in challenging ways. How can the old words of the Christian faith respond to ever changing culture.

International Church Leader Development

While I have been interested in international missions for years and I love living and sharing the gospel message in other countries, I see the need for biblical leadership training in young churches all over the world. We cannot simply sit on the wealth of bible teaching that has been poured into us over the years. We must give back by developing church leaders in a manner that glorifies God and doesn’t try to simply recreate North American churches.