24,000 Neighbors

Recently, I did some rough calculations on our apartment complex. It’s divided into 5 phases with a total of 84 buildings! On average these buildings are about 30 stories high, and there are 3 units on each floor. If there are 3 people living in each apartment, my neighborhood has around 24,000 people living here…24,000. The town I grew up in has a population of about 1,400. (Maybe 1,500 on a Friday night for high school football.) This is an overwhelming number of people to be surrounded by, and it’s just one apartment community in a city with a population of 2 million.

When I walk along the river next to my community, see all of these buildings, and think about the 24,000 souls living here, it breaks my heart. I feel so incapable of making any measurable difference in a place where so many are blinded to the truth of the gospel. It reminds me of God and Abraham discussing Sodom and Gomorrah. Are there 50…45…40…30…20…10 righteous people in this community? Does God have a plan for these people? Is there any hope here?

Praise the Lord, God is working in this community.

God is faithful to grow and strengthen his church even when the task seems too big a burden to bear.

I know of a number of house churches in our community that are bravely worshipping God every week right in the heart of theseRead More »