Burnout vs. Belief

Life in 2013 was going great. I was finishing my last semester of seminary and preparing to transition my family to a new way of life in East Asia. I was excited. This was what my wife and I had been moving towards for years, and it was finally happening. We were busy, sure. Our apartment ministry, part-time job, writing papers, selling and packing possessions were all keeping me busy, but I was doing everything I could to finish strong. Until I got into some heavy traffic one morning.

Something happened.

One moment I felt fine, the next my heart was racing. I gripped the steering wheel tighter and tighter feeling sick and trapped in the seat of my truck. The more I tried to figure out what was going on, the more anxious I got. Was I sick? Is this a heart problem? Should I go to the hospital? I soon came to realize that this was a panic attack.

The first time that someone suggested stress related burnout, I brushed it off. I wasn’t stressed. Everything was going great. What I came to learn was that I had crossed some invisible barrier in my head. I had moved from an area of “Optimum Stress” when high Read More »